Priest John Nicholson and his wife Gail founded Omegaview Community Project in 2004. In the township Lavender Hill. They turned their garage into a library where all the kids in the area are welcome at any time. All the books they keep are donated. John and Gail are running Omegaview together with help from their friends, Dorothy and Karen and today there are about 70 children involved.

Together they teach the children about upholstery and they are always welcome to come around if needed help with schoolwork or anything else. Twice a week soup is made to feed up to 200 families in the area. Lavender Hill is a rough and poor township with a lot of drug and alcohol abuse. It is a so-called colored township with a lot of gangsterism. In this area the unemployment rate goes up to 80%. Mömö is therefore not only a beanie producing company but a conscious business aiming to empower previously disadvantaged as a strive to make the world a better place.

We have a very close cooperation with John and his team. Gail, Dorothy, Karen and John are also the persons who sew Mömö’s beanies.

With a lot of help from SAAB South Africa, we were able to pull off this project. When we started this cooperation we made sure to get financials to built a roof and a floor in an unused room where there was just walls since before. This room has become the new sewing room so that Omegaview Community Project can continue their activities in the garage as before.

Except the money John’s team makes producing these beanies, we wanted to add up some possibilities to collect some more money. We therefore decided to select different projects, which we want to boost with some extra income. When the goal is met we chose a new project to support. That is why it is possible for you to add up your check out amount with another extra 10 SEK or a limitless amount of your choice. 100 % of these donations will benefit to Omegaview Community Project. Read more about the project we are collecting money for at this moment under CHARITY.

For more information about Omegaview Community Project please check their website.