Here you will find information about the different projects we collect money to. Before you check out your product, you can choose if you wish to donate 10 SEK to your order to benefit these projects. 100 % of these donations will benefit the Omegaview Community Project. When the goal is met we chose a new project to support. The idea is, with your help, to be able to collect money for projects, which need a little extra help to grow. Together with the Omegaview Community Project we decide which project needs an extra boost at the time, in order to meet acute situations and/or make a meaningful difference in their lives. We want you to feel 100 % sure that your extra add on donation will go to these projects, that every single crown benefits the project you chose to support. When the goal is met we will post updates from the results here on our webpage, just to let you know the money was well spent.

RIGHT NOW we collect money for a driver’s license and a car for John to an amount of 30.000 SEK / 3800 USD.

90% of the people who donate food, clothes and other niceties to Omegaview Community Project do not want to go to Lavender Hill because it is such a bad area with a bad reputation. Since Omegaview today only live out of donations John has to go and pick up everything him self. Today he does have neither a driver’s license nor a car. To collect donations he needs to pay for a chauffeur to take him outside Lavender Hill. With his own driver’s license and own car he could cut costs immensely. Beyond pick-ups and deliveries, they could also take the children on excursions. Most of the children in the townships has never been outside Lavender Hill and have never seen the sea or Cape Town, which is only 30 minutes away.

We hope that these donations will be able to cover costs like these and help the Nicholson family and Omegaview  to use the money to other niceties to make their lives easier. We also hope you feel empowered, just as we do, by this project.